The Ultimate Beatle Show

Wayne Ward proudly presents BeatleOne the coasts best tribute to the Beatles. A journey through the Beatle mania from the beginning of music history to the roof top. See real Beatle guitars and amplification and authentic Beatle outfits. Wayne Ward Lancashire lad will perform your Beatle songs and take into the winding road BeatleOne story. Not to be missed.

Live Shows - Malaga, Spain, 2022


Born and raised on the Beatles. Wayne´s dad professional musician James Ward learned Wayne from being a small lad musical instruments and most importantly Beatles & Wings! Through all my life ive been amazed and inspired by The Beatles Vocals & Musicianship. The music the Beatles made will never be beat and im still amazed right through to today by there songs and music.

Ive always worked in bands throughout my whole life. Ive been a professional bass player right through but also play guitar, drums, keyboards, harmonica and cajon. When I moved to Spain I decided to go a lone for a while just to keep life easy! After a couple of years I decided to bring my dream Beatlone to the public. I have authentic Beatle guitar and outfits and perform songs by all Beatles plus I decided to go from the cavern right through to the rooftop to give you a feel of the full Beatle experience! Come and join me and relive the magic moments of the best band in the world. The Beatles.

Wayne Ward


My whole life I have been inspired by four young lads from Liverpool, The Beatles.

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Here Comes The Sun



- Early Days


- Beatle Mania

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