Wayne Ward Presents - BeatleOne
The Ultimate Tribute to The Beatles
The Best band in the world.

Wayne Ward - Musician - Vocalist, Guitarist & Bassist.

Born and raised on the Beatles. Wayne´s dad professional musician James Ward learned Wayne from being a small lad musical instruments and most importantly Beatles & Wings! Through all my life ive been amazed and inspired by The Beatles Vocals & Musicianship. The music the Beatles made will never be beat and im still amazed right through to today by there songs and music.

Wayne Ward is a Multi Talented Musician & Massive Beatle fan!

Ive always worked in bands throughout my whole life. Ive been a professional bass player right through but also play guitar, drums, keyboards, harmonica and cajon. When I moved to Spain I decided to go a lone for a while just to keep life easy! After a couple of years I decided to bring my dream Beatlone to the public. I have authentic Beatle guitar and outfits and perform songs by all Beatles plus I decided to go from the cavern right through to the rooftop to give you a feel of the full Beatle experience! Come and join me and relive the magic moments of the best band in the world. The Beatles.

Beatle Boots & Skinny Jeans!

Wayne Ward - BeatleOne

Beatle boots & Skinny jeans white shirts and Leather waist jackets was the smart wear in the clubs for the Beatles with a square cut tie in the early cavern days looking cool and rock and roll! The transformation to the The Shea Stadium outfit with the Wells Fargo Sheriffs Badge was a great look for the Beatles. Wayne Features these outfits in his show! with authentic Beatle Glasses from the cavern!