September 2021


Wayne Ward proudly presents BeatleOne the coasts best tribute to the Beatles. A journey through the Beatle mania from the beginning of music history to the roof top. See real Beatle guitars and amplification and authentic Beatle outfits. Wayne Ward Lancashire lad will perform your Beatle songs and take into the winding road BeatleOne story. Not to be missed.

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Guitars & Amplifiers

BeatleOne Performs songs from all Beatles and uses the same Guitars and amplification used by the Beatles to get the authentic tone. John´s main guitar was the Rickenbacker 325 and wayne uses the early caves blonde 325 with choppy Rickenbacker sounds. George used the Rickenbacker 330 which is a longer scaled Rickenbacker with two pickups instead of Johns short scale 325 with three pickups!!

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Beatle boots & Skinny jeans white shirts and Leather waist jackets was the smart wear in the clubs for the Beatles with a square cut tie in the early cavern days looking cool and rock and roll! The transformation to the The Shea Stadium outfit with the Wells Fargo Sheriffs Badge was a great look for the Beatles. Wayne Features these outfits in his show! with authentic Beatle Glasses from the cavern!

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